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What is it all about?

The website and the future app are to provide you with public transit information that would let you easily plan your commute and make it predictable. It will provide schedules, route maps, list of stops, and other useful information that you would like to see here.

How can I search for a schedule?

In the Schedules page please input the route number and click Enter (or Go on Android) or choose the route number from the list of possible routes that will come up in an alphabetical order. This will take you to the next page, where you would be able to choose the direction of the route (e.g., "Northbound" or "Clockwise" or "Downtown"). We call these "trip groups." Choose the appropriate one and the website will take you to the list of stops, where clicking the stop name will return the bus (or other mode) departure times. Alternatively you can click on the Map tab to visualise the route and see the location of buses in real time (if your city is supported). You can also click on a bus stop to get bus departure times.

How can I search for a schedule for tomorrow?

Follow the previous step, but before choosing a trip group, choose a date in the field on top (marked with a calendar icon).

How can I search for data for a city?

When you first open or refresh the main page, you will be asked to share your location. If you choose to share your location, the city field will be automatically pre-populated with the city name. You can still input or change it manually. While you type it will suggest you cities.

How can I check if my bus or train is running late or detoured?

When you first open the main page, you can let the website automatically choose the city for you by sharing your location or manually inputting your city. Under the city name you need to click the Alerts tab in order to see all reported delays, detours, and cancellations.

What do I get when selecting a route and trip group?

  • Transit agency details, such as phone number and web address
  • A map of the entire trip group
    • A pin for each stop; clicking a pin will show departure times for that stop
    • Almost real-time positioning (where & when available) for vehicles (e.g. buses) on that trip group
  • A list of stops for that trip group, which show departure times for each stop when you click them
  • A timetable for the entire trip group

I did not share my location. How does TransitMate still know where I am?

If you deny access to your location, TransitMate would not be able to know your EXACT location, but from your IP address (which is available to any site you visit) we are able to approximate what city you are located in. Rest assured that we do not share this information with third parties.

I shared my location but the city name is wrong.

We are sorry that this happened. Please report this issue to us using the feedback form. In the meantime, you can change the city name by manually inputting the correct name.

I have a great idea for a feature or how to improve the website or app.

Our objective is to develop a website and a mobile app that provides features required by you. Please let us know using the feedback form what features you would like to see here, and we will try our best to add them.

The website's design is too simple with no pictures. I don't like the look of this website and/or it’s not convenient to use.

We left out pictures intentionally to make the website fast and consume less of your internet data. If you prefer seeing the website differently, please let us know using the feedback form and we would be happy to consider your suggestion.