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How many web sites do you normally use to get bus schedules, routes, or just look for the available options? Two? Three? Five? Exactly!

In certain cities you may be able to find the bus schedules, but not the complete guidance for your desired travel route. In others, your favourite maps and web sites may be available for guidance on schedules. We faced these situations too!

To make our lives easier we created this web site with the aim of providing a single solution for all the public transit needs you may have. We want everyone who has a question, a request, or just wants to check a bus schedule, to have a one-stop shop. And the best part it's free! Our aim is not to make money, but to help all public transit users.

We would greatly appreciate your support and advice in helping us improve this web site. We want to know how we can make sure your user experience is as best as it can be: what features you would like to see and how you want the website to look like.

Please share with us all your comments, experience, and suggestions via the feedback form. Your feedback is invaluable to us!

— The TransitMate Team